FHI 360 Moldova


1. Moldovan Institute for Human Rights (IDOM)

Project title: Empowering vulnerable groups (people living within HIV/AIDS, people with mental disabilities and victims of medical malpractice in Moldova) with the necessary tools for protecting and defending their rights

Project summary: IDOM focuses on improving legal protections for people living with HIV, people with mental disabilities, and victims of medical malpractice through discussions with relevant stakeholders, advocacy for legislative amendments, and a public informational event. Activities include working with authorities to draft and submit amendments to legislative provisions that conflict with the human rights of these groups, conducting a needs assessment around medical patients’ rights, holding a public workshop event to inform stakeholders of relevant human rights issues and obtain their input in potential solutions, and disseminating pocket-cards to educate stakeholders on the rights of people with mental disabilities in Moldova.

Duration: March 1, 2017 – December 31, 2017

2. National Center for Child Abuse Prevention (CNPAC)

Project title:Prevention of sexual abuse and exploitation against children in Republic of Moldova

Project summary: CNPAC project is focused on reducing tolerance for the sexual exploitation of youth and empowering communities to prevent, recognize, and report cases of abuse and exploitation. Activities include developing and publicizing a specialized online resource platform, as well as written informative materials, and organizing discussion clubs with teenagers to discuss relevant issues and hear their perspectives.

Duration: March 1, 2017 – December 31, 2017

3. Women’s Club “Golubka”

Project title: Together we take care of the town!

Project summary: Golubka’s grant is focused on improving the involvement of citizens in community development by including them in the process of developing the new Socio-Economic Development Strategic Plan for Basarabeasca. Activities include broadcasting four TV programs on local development issues for public discussion, conducting workshops to collect stakeholder input, and a public hearing to obtain community feedback on the draft strategic plan.

Duration: April 1, 2017 – July 31, 2017

4. Comrat Legal Clinic (CJC)

Project title: Development of civic awareness, activism, and duty among the youth of the Autonomous Territorial Unit of Gagauzia

Project summary: CJC’s grant focuses on increasing the sense of citizenship and civic participation among local communities in Gagauzia by involving young people in local decision-making processes. Activities include training youth volunteers, conducting surveys to map local issues, summarizing findings in a report, and organizing initiative groups from among the volunteers to discuss these local issues with stakeholders, advocate for solutions, and monitor their resolution.

Duration: April 1, 2017 – December 31, 2017


5. Federația pentru Drepturi și Resurse a Persoanelor cu Tulburări din Spectrul Autist din Republica Moldova (FEDRA)

Project title: Involvement for Autism

Project summary: FEDRA’s grant will focus on enhancing community involvement in supporting Moldovan children with autism by developing a web platform as a joint resource center for relevant stakeholders, hosting two roundtables outside Chisinau to spread information about the platform and build partnerships, and by organizing a charity concert to benefit a local care center and raise awareness.

Duration: May 1, 2017 – October 31, 2017


6. Philanthropic Medico-Social Foundation “ANGELUS-MOLDOVA”

Project title: Together we can beat cancer!

Project summary: Angelus-Moldova’s grant will seek to improve the psychological and social environment for persons diagnosed with cancer by conducting a series of meetings and trainings with 25 cancer patients at Angelus’s palliative care center in Isacova and 25 of their relatives, and by including them as advocates for social integration during the process of brokering partnership agreements with the local public authorities.

Duration: September 1, 2017- March 31, 2018


Project title: Involvement through self-representation

Project summary: GENESIS’s project will contribute to the empowerment of the persons with disabilities from Anenii Noi raion to ensure their social inclusion and participation in community life as equal citizens. GENESIS plans to establish a self-representation group in Anenii Noi to promote the rights of the persons with disabilities and facilitate their social inclusion through awareness raising, capacity building, and advocacy actions.

Duration: September 1, 2017 – April 30, 2018


8. Resource Center for Environmental Education and Sustainable Development


Project title: Clean City: Capacity building for an efficient waste management in Balti

Project summary: CREEDD’s grant will aim to improve the level of environmental protection in Balti by promoting the practice of selective waste management and advocating for a Sustainable Waste Management System. Their activities will include a feasibility study, a series of meetings to develop the draft regulatory framework, and informational and advocacy activities to promote their adoption.

Duration: September 1, 2017 – June 30, 2018


9. Association of Medical Students and Residents from Moldova (ASRMM)

Project title: The basis of emergency medical aid for high school students

Project summary: ASRMM’s grant will empower high school students by teaching them how to provide emergency first aid assistance to their peers and communities, and will encourage volunteerism and civic action by engaging medical students as the providers of these practical trainings for youth.

Duration: September 1 – December 31, 2017


10. Centre of Early Intervention Voinicel

Project title: Advocacy to ensure state funding for Early Childhood Intervention Services provided by Voinicel Center and other CSOs

Project summary: Voinicel’s grant will aim to promote the expansion of state funding for Early Childhood Intervention services (for children with neuro-psycho-motor issues), by training parents become advocates and helping them develop a petition to the National Insurance Company in Medicine, by publishing promotional materials that describe the benefits of ECI services, and by mentoring five CSOs from other regions in how to conduct ECI and how to apply for state funding through the social contracting mechanism.

Duration: October 1, 2017 – March 31, 2018


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